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Sharing Robots with Para Los Niños
Ronit Kumar, Robotics Coach and Middle School Science Teacher

Upper School roboticists took an amazing trip to Para Los Niños earlier this month. Alex B., Rachel K., Bernhardt A., and Michelle S. all accompanied me to show their 5th graders one of the robots we worked on this last competition season. Para Los Niños is a non-profit that has been providing social services to children and families on Skid Row for more than 38 years. Over time, educational programs were added in order to expand pathways to success for their students and families. One program they hope to launch is a robotics program.

On our visit to PLN, we showed the kids the video game challenge from this year, had them brainstorm and design robots in small groups, explained the mechanisms of our prized robot "Octavia," and gave them all an opportunity to drive Octavia around. It was a moving experience for me and for the Upper Schoolers who accompanied me. I am happy that we all got to experience an impactful moment and I am proud of the Eaglebots who joined me for exclaiming their desire to continue helping the kids of PLN. I am currently working with their Director of Extended Learning on a plan to provide both an outreach program for our robotics teams and a structured learning experience for the kids of PLN. Stay tuned for updates!

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