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Small Acts
Letter of the Week

At the start of last week, Post-it’s began appearing conspicuously around the Upper School—on walls, bathroom mirrors, doors, and on tables. The “Box of Compliments” pictured above was left on a picnic table and filled with Post-it compliments, there for the taking. As of this morning, they’ve all been taken. Started by some anonymous Upper School students, these Post-it’s have put smiles on all of our faces: 

Your laugh is contagious

You are brilliant!

You are loved

You look amazing

Be good to yourself

Be kind to yourself and others

These small acts of kindness and gratitude have been present throughout our K-12 for the past couple of weeks. From Lower School faculty and staff showering one another with notes of gratitude to the Middle School faculty/staff incorporating time for appreciations into their meetings to our Upper School students (followed by faculty and staff) anonymous postings of compliments and kindness, we are all taking care of one another and ourselves.

From the scientists, we know that these small acts of kindness produce oxytocin--the “love hormone.” Oxytocin promotes self-esteem and optimism. More pragmatically, we know that doing, receiving, or even witnessing acts of kindness create a sense of belonging, helps keep things in perspective, and inspires more acts of kindness. This is our very own virtuous circle! 

This weekend, and beyond, let’s follow the examples of our Upper School students and engage in these practices of small acts of kindness. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Dr. Mike

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