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Spring 2022 BCIL Symposium
by Zach Chien, Assistant Director of the BCIL

Last spring, students from all three divisions gathered to participate in the inaugural live BCIL Symposium. For the first time, the entire East Campus publicly celebrated everyone’s collective body of work, moving what was historically a digital collection out into the open. Over 50 K-12 students presented their work from BCIL projects, classes, and independent studies in an immersive gallery of interactive exhibits, visual displays, and more.

Presentations represented the full range of BCIL engagement—humanities to STEAM, electives to AP's, single unit projects to multiyear independent studies. For many, showcasing their work to their peers was a new and inspiring experience.

To see some highlights of last year’s projects, please visit the Digital Symposium. We hope this provides a small glimpse into the amazing breadth of work our students completed, and a special thank you goes out to all the teachers for their expertise, guidance, and unwavering student support. 

Some students shared their comments about the Symposium experience...

“I enjoyed getting to explain how hard we worked when we were learning about Antarctica and what we built in the Idea Lab. I thought it was fun talking to the high schoolers. They were all very encouraging and were cheering us on when one of us got nervous, which was very sweet. My favorite part was getting to go and explain all about Antarctica and the clothes we created and how hard people work there. I also loved getting to go to the Upper School Campus and see people who I will share a campus with.” —Hannah L. ’31

“It was really interesting to see all the creative projects my classmates and the upper schoolers were doing, and it helped me think of more ideas to pursue on my own. Some of the projects were really creative, and others were simple ideas that were executed really well. Hopefully I’ll get to present my own work next year.” —Davis L. ’27

Third graders Jude B., Serena C., and Hannah L. explain their prototypes for redesigning Antarctic exploration gear.

Seventh Grade Spanish students display their global challenges awareness posters.


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