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Spring Break East Coast College Tour
by the College Counseling Team

[Photo at Emory University with Alum Lily Dresner]

Spring Break means college tour time! This year the College Counseling team ventured to the southeast, through 4 states and Washington, D.C. For many students, it was the first time to touch states they had only previously encountered in the pages of their textbooks. They got a chance to witness the battle for first between the University of Georgia and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who both are reserving the right to own the position as the first public university in the US. In six days, we experienced the suburbs and cities of 4 states and the splendor of the emergence of blossoms in Washington, DC. We visited college towns, urban campuses, large state institutions, and small private institutions. We learned about GPA recalculations, test-optional, score choice, holistic committee reviews, and demonstrated interest. We toured wellness centers, came close to meeting the Duke Men's Basketball team, got a tour from "George Washington," while seeing our BWS alumni thriving on their campuses.

Back in Los Angeles, and to the comfort of their homes, students offered gratitude for all they learned along the way. They shared the following thoughts with our department:

  • That the name and prestige of a school does not matter if the school is not the right fit
  • My biggest take away was just learning about the differences between all the colleges we visited and which sizes and locations I preferred
  • Seeing 2 schools that I fell in love with (GW, University of Richmond) and learning more about the college application process
  • I learned a lot about college life and I have a good idea about what kind of schools I want to apply to
  • How colleges are actually different from each other; College is what you make of it and I'll be happy wherever I end up
  • Before this trip, I had not visited any colleges. Because of this, the trip helped me learn a lot about college life which has made me excited about going to college in two years. I also now know what schools I want to apply to;
  • How many people go abroad in college during their 4 years. I developed a better understanding on what I want in a college. I actually really like bigger schools, not just really small liberal arts schools.

We are thrilled with how much our students gained from this trip and how tangible their excitement is for pursuing the next steps of their college process.

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