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Students Honored by the World Series of Innovation
by Katie McKellar, Assistant Director of the BCIL 

We are excited to announce that two Brentwood teams were recently honored by the World Series of Innovation. Thousands of youth leaders from across the world, including many from Brentwood School, submitted proposals focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Jacqueline C. ’26, Olivia M. ’26, and Ashley S. ’26 won 2nd place for their Pads for Peace entry that addressed Global Goal #5, Gender Equality. Merlot G. ’24 was also honored as a Finalist in this challenge for her We Are Stronger Together campaign. 

Below are some reflections from students and members of the BCIL Team. 

“The most valuable experience for me personally was learning how to work with a team on such an important cause, while managing many other activities.” —Ashley S. 

“It was important because I got to work with some of my classmates on a project that really means a lot to me…and work with different teachers to help our way through submitting the project, filming and editing the video, and helping with the Voiceover.” —Olivia M. 

“The most valuable learning experience that I gained was having a short amount of time to be constantly improving and changing our idea, to make it the most successful it could possibly be.” —Jacqueline C.  

“Our students’ success highlights an important takeaway – innovative thinking and taking action isn’t limited by age. Ashley, Olivia, and Jacqueline showed deep care for their stakeholders, and they were incredibly mature and open towards receiving feedback throughout the whole process. This level of compassion and humility will take them as far as they want to go.” —Zach Chien, BCIL Entrepreneurship Coordinator

"Working with Merlot has been inspiring. Her authentic passion is what motivates her strategy and ultimately her execution in being a change maker. I also can appreciate her confidence in following her vision from beginning to end." —Jhamasa Lewis-Adams, US Service Learning Director

{Photo: Jhamasa Lewis-Adams and Merlot G. ’24}

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