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Thank You Alumni Frontline Workers
by Emily Ellis '94, Director of Alumni Engagement

Thank you to all of our alumni working on the front lines throughout the pandemic! We thank the following alumni for sharing their stories with our community. If you are an alum or parent of an alum making a difference during this challenging time, we’d love to hear from you. Email for more information. Below are just a few of our extraordinary frontline workers making a difference every day!

Porsha Nicolson '04

Porsha Nicholson '04 - Humanitarian Response Program Manager

"I began working with CORE in April 2020. As the Manager of the Los Angeles Region, I oversee the COVID-19 drive-through and mobile testing sites that we operate in partnership with LAFD. We work with local community partners to identify at-risk communities and hot spot areas to provide free testing to those that need it the most. CORE’s mission has always been to save lives and strengthen communities impacted by or are vulnerable to crisis. I’m so excited to be a part of an amazing organization whose mission is to help the same communities that I was born and raised in." 

Picture: Porsha, far left, at the Nickerson Gardens with fellow coworkers, Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Anthony Anderson.


Diamond Goodwin 06

Diamond Goodwin ’06 - OBGYN Resident

“I am a third year OBGYN resident at University of California, San Francisco. Life has been CRAZY since COVID-19 hit! Our schedules have been completely rearranged, we have had to wear pounds (at this point) of PPE to protect ourselves and our patients, and we have had to adapt to these changes at lightning speed. Nevertheless, our strong commitment to delivering excellent and comprehensive care to women and people with female reproductive organs has not wavered. Our Labor and Delivery unit, Cancer Center, and Gynecology Care Teams have continued to press on through the pandemic. I have witnessed an incredible demonstration of commitment from my colleagues and all of the frontline workers who have continued to prioritize others during this time. I have mixed and complex emotions during this time, but I am definitely grateful for safety, supportive family and friends, community, and hope!”



Mia Hutcherson ’06 - Airline Pilot

For the past year, Mia has served as First Officer at Southern Airway Express as part of Mokulele, a government contracted airline, and she was recently hired by American Airlines to fly American Eagle Embraer 145 planes.

After receiving her B.S. in Policy Planning/Development from USC, Mia obtained her Masters in Health Administration/Operations Management. She found her love for travel when she was recruited by JINS, a Japanese eyewear company, and started working overseas when she fell in love with traveling. She decided to move away from the 9-5 work life and served five years as a flight attendant when she pursued her dream to become a pilot.

In September of 2017, American Airlines gave her a scholarship for their program and she began training for her pilot’s license. As of February 3, 2020, she was hired by American to fly between smaller cities and larger cities, mostly flying front line workers during the pandemic, including doctors and military base workers. She’s also flying medical equipment during her four roundtrips per day, mostly between Los Angeles and Mexico, or hopping between the islands of Hawaii. Mia says that even though wearing masks through this pandemic makes it difficult to talk to traffic control at times, flying planes has been her lifelong dream and worth every moment!

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