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The First Week: Seen and Overheard Throughout the Divisions
Shirley Blake, Director of Communications

The first week of school is an exciting time full of possibilities. There has definitely been a buzz in all three divisions with so many new spaces and faces around our campuses. So I asked our faculty if they could bring the buzz into focus by sharing some of the things they’ve seen and overheard throughout the week from our students K-12, as well as share some of their own experiences. Enjoy the anecdotes below and be sure to watch the video of 2nd Grade teacher Tracy Stangel serenading her class with “Forever Young” on her guitar...a truly wonderful way to start the year!

"Over 50 books were checked out from the Middle School Library this week, which is more than we used to get in an entire YEAR when we shared a library with the Upper School. Students have also started racing to be the first to get one of the big comfy chairs during lunch—they're a hot property!” —Jessica James, Middle School Librarian

"I think all of us would agree—high heels [in the Middle School] are out! Tennis shoes are IN!  It's an amazing space! I can't believe I'm lucky enough to teach here...even though I learned that the door leading out to the MS Math/Science office terrace (on the 5th floor!) locks behind you. I'm forever grateful for the two construction workers who rescued me late on a Friday afternoon.” —Tracy Easley, Middle School Science

"After I explained to the 3rd Grade classes that they would be traveling the world, one student asked, ‘Are we really going on airplanes when we travel around the world?’ I said no, that is the magic of your teachers. They will transform our classroom into an airplane and we'll travel to places together! Then each student began to think about countries we could possibly travel to and then Noah K. said, ‘Will we fly to Egypt?’ Abby G. said ‘Will we fly to France?’ Their curiosity was sparked by the thought of being able to travel the world and it was adorable to see.” —Michele Maringola, 3rd Grade

"On Wednesday, we had one class and then met with our Advisory. I asked my group, ‘So, how was your first class?’ One student blurted out ‘Actually really awesome! We made something explode!’ I found Elaine Chao [Upper School Science] later that day to let her know her first chemistry class of the year got a rave review.” —Lauren Hall, Upper School Dance

"My son is tracking his steps and has averaged 3 miles/day walking around the various buildings on the East Campus.” —Dr. Trina Moore-Southall, Director of Equity and Inclusion

"After the trek from the Middle School 5th floor to the Bookstore to get art supplies, one student decided Brentwood School should be called "Stairwood School." —Becky Dame-Seidler, Middle School Art  

"A 9th grader asked me (a new teacher) where Room 600 was and I had no idea. A Senior overheard her question and walked her to her class!” —Molly Malone, Upper School Spanish

"One of my students asked, ‘Can I go to the nurse? I need to put ice on my arm because I think I strangled it.’” —Tracy Stangel, 2nd Grade

"The kindergarteners had so much fun learning routines and getting to know all of their teachers this week. We heard: "I loooove art!" "Will we use ipads in the computer lab?" "My favorite part of the day was lunch!" and "I really want to ride the bus!" We are looking forward to many more "firsts" to come! —Samantha Loy, Kindergarten

"A 6th grader came up to me and said, ‘Dr. Lyons, this is the most amazing snack bar and did you see that the glass garage doors open up? This is incredible, and I'm never bringing snack from home again! Trust me.’” —Dr. Susie Lyons, Middle School Speech 

"We had a great literature discussion where one student said that figurative language 'took a chapter from oh to whoa.'" —Andy Weiner, 5th Grade

"I saw an 8th grader walk up to a new 7th grader standing alone, introduced himself, and asked questions to welcome and get to know the new student. And I’ve also seen 9th graders flocking to the new building during their free periods in order to greet former teachers and check out the space. The enthusiasm with which students have jumped back into the school/class routine, their joy in being together again, and their support of one another, has been wonderful to watch.” —Cierra Campbell, Middle School Spanish

"I’m sitting in my new office across from 2nd Grade this morning and heard this song from across the hall. One of the 2nd graders said, ‘Ms. Stangel, you should be on American Idol!’” —Lisa Glick, Lower School Director of Service Learning

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