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The Many Definitions of Success
by Ryan Boccuzzi, Upper School Director

If you were on campus Wednesday night you certainly heard the show taking place under the open-air tent in the pool parking lot. Our jazz bands were able to perform live for family, faculty, and friends for the first time in almost two years. The ambiance was perfect thanks to the amazing work from our facilities team, and as with all of our jazz concerts, instructor Mike Cottone created an easy-going atmosphere that made everyone in attendance feel as if they were truly at a jazz club. The students were dressed in everything from holiday sweaters to formal attire, but their performances were nothing short of professional. As the guests tapped their feet and swayed with the music, the appreciation for being able to enjoy a live show together as a group was as palpable as I’ve seen all semester.

As I watched students supporting their friends and members of the bands cheering each other on, I was reminded that there are so many ways for us to chart success and progress. This is a busy time of year. With students finishing the semester and preparing for their last assessments, it can be easy to get fixated on one grade or the importance of a single test. If your child is feeling overwhelmed, I hope you will join me in one of the most important roles we play as the adults—helping them see the bigger picture.

While tests do matter and should not be taken lightly, every one of our Upper School students has so much to be proud of this term. It was not an easy semester to navigate and whether success is playing jazz for a smiling audience, performing a dance routine choreographed by your classmate (come to tonight’s dance concert!), getting an assist in a JV soccer game, or just finding a rhythm now that we are back on campus, I hope that you will help your child recognize that accomplishments take many shapes and sizes.  

I know I am going into the winter break more thankful than ever for all the opportunities our students have to express themselves and find success. Our faculty, staff, coaches, and support teams have moved mountains to create these opportunities, and we thank our families for all of your support and willingness to partner with us in doing so. Please take time to help your child reflect on the many definitions of success while you relax in the coming weeks during this well-deserved winter break.

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