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The Veteran Services and Activities Council
by Gennifer Yoshimaru, Associate Head of School

As part of the Department of Veterans Affairs Draft Master Plan, the Veteran Services and Activities Council was created to formalize the relationships and partnerships between the West LA Medical Center Campus and outside Veteran support organizations, such as Brentwood School. As stated in their mission, “the Services Council ensures that the services and activities on the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center Campus are reflective of the desires of Veterans and supports the needs of Veterans living on Campus and participating in VA homeless programs throughout the community. It serves as a support and convening mechanism between VA and community partners to help manifest the organization-wide cultural transformation to personalized, proactive, patient-driven care that assists Veterans in receiving services and improving their quality of life.” The Services Council makes sure that all activities and services provided by its members are well advertised and attended, supports a variety of programming, and safeguards against redundancy of programming and services. 

Brentwood School has been an active participant on the Council since its inception. Assistant Head of School Gennifer Yoshimaru represents the school at regular meetings to report on the many ways Brentwood is fulfilling its role as a partner to WLA VA programs through a wide array of opportunities and activities offered as part of the Veterans Center for Recreation and Education (VCRE) at Brentwood School. 

To receive a copy of the Veteran Services and Activities Council “Year in Review” report and future spotlights of member organizations, please contact Gennifer Yoshimaru at

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