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VA Secretary McDonald Visits with Veterans and Brentwood Students
Tony Reyes

by Gennifer Yoshimaru, Assistant Head of School for Advancement

The East Campus had the privilege of a special visit from VA Secretary Robert McDonald yesterday. Secretary McDonald is the driving force behind the Department of Veterans Affairs ambitious vision to become the number one customer-service agency in the Federal government. He has also led the effort to create and implement the new master plan that will transform the West Los Angeles VA campus into a true community consisting of housing, healthcare, and education, recreational and vocational resources. A West Point graduate and former Chairman, President, and CEO of the Proctor & Gamble Company, he is a talented visionary and strategist who values the importance of community, collaboration, and meaningful relationships. Brentwood School's partnership with VA is stronger than ever because of his active engagement and leadership.

Secretary McDonald came to campus yesterday to meet with some of the Upper School students who participated in this year's Veteran Portrait Project and their subjects, the Veterans whose lives they honored through biography and portraiture. The gallery space buzzed with energy, emotion, and laughter as the Secretary engaged with the students and the Vets. They reflected on personal journeys, military service, what they'd learned about each other through the portrait project, and what the experience had meant to them. It was impressive and moving to observe our next generation of leaders so fully engaged with those who've helped to shape today's world; like watching the past, present, and future unfold before you in a matter of moments. Some of the portraits will be on display in the Upper School Art Show—I encourage you to stop by and take a look.

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