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Welcome Back
Dr. Mike Riera

A school without students, no matter how exciting the renovation and construction, is just buildings—empty spaces with potential, but of little substance unto themselves. So, while It is instantly apparent to anyone setting foot on either campus in these last few days that there have been a number of improvement projects in motion over the summer months, at heart, it has all been a complex holding pattern waiting for your children to return.

By the end of our inservice week, which was fabulous, we were all getting a bit twitchy waiting for the students to arrive with the energy that brings a school to life. Therefore, Tuesday morning’s Opening Ceremony, held on the East Campus for the first time since Brentwood has been a K-12 school, was a joyous event for all. Now, just a few days later, the thrum of student engagement and learning is in the air, and the adults again have a bounce in their stride. And, to be fair, both students and adults alike are a bit fatigued as we get back into “school shape.”

One aspect of schools that I love is that with each year we start with a clean slate. Students are in new grades with new teachers, sometimes even new divisions or schools. Teachers are rejuvenated and primed with new ideas and approaches to familiar subjects. In other words, it is an exciting time full of possibilities for all.

To that end, sometime this weekend I urge you to take advantage of this annual opportunity. Take a moment to really look at your child. When they glance over at you with a quizzical look, take a deep breath and confidently wish them success, “I know you are going to have a great year.” Maybe it will lead to a deeper conversation, but probably not. Either way, one of the truths we know about children and teenagers is that a key to their success is that they know, deep in the marrow of their bones, that their parents/guardians believe in them and their success. Make the most of this moment that comes with the start of each year.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Dr. Mike

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