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5th Grade Virtual Leadership Team
by Lisa Glick, Lower School Service Learning Director

Yesterday was our last official meeting with the “Blue” Leadership Team made up of six 5th Grade students: Kate B., Alexa Y., Natalie G., Eleanor S., Dylan S., and Rafael K. Yvonne Taylor and I had the privilege of meeting weekly with this group as they considered various ways to make a meaningful contribution during a virtual school semester. From our very first meeting this group was unanimous in their desire to bring a sense of fun and community building to our morning flag meetings. Students worked together to brainstorm ideas and quickly decided on a news-style program that would report on good news happening at the Lower School. The “Bright Side” shared news from each grade and also included news from specialist teachers. The Leadership Team also created “The Bright Side: Game Week” to engage the community in a few fun trivia games.  

One of the highlights for the Leadership Team was a workshop organized by the BCIL that included Upper School student leaders who shared some of their experiences and advice with the 5th graders. For their final presentation, the team chose to highlight women they admire in honor of Women’s History Month. Reflecting on their work together Natalie shared, “I learned how important it is to listen to everyone’s ideas.” Dylan commented, “We got better with each presentation,” and Ms. Taylor said, “You worked beautifully together as a team and I looked forward to every meeting.” We are grateful to these six students who were flexible, creative, and resourceful. They managed to bring some good cheer to our community during a challenging time.

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