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East Campus Transportation

At Brentwood School, the preferred way to commute to and from the East Campus is by bus. We offer 11 different routes to accommodate a variety of situations and needs.

The Brentwood School community works together to uphold our Conditional Use Permit with the City of Los Angeles and the agreement with our Brentwood neighbors. Every family's cooperation is essential. Traffic is strictly limited during peak hours for drop-off and pick-up, but we offer numerous transportation options to fit your family’s needs. Following our guidelines is an obligation to our neighbors, and also helps the environment.

Every family must create and follow a transportation plan. 
Transportation plans must consist of one or more of the following: 

  • Sign up for a bus or shuttle and use it (PREFERRED)

  • Walk or bike to school

  • Apply to lead or participate in a carpool with no fewer than three students (four, if the driver is a student). The carpool must be approved by the school.

    • APPROVED carpools (whether student- or parent-driven) must arrive before 7:30 a.m. if incomplete
    • NO student may drive to or park on campus without an approved carpool and registered parking permit 

    • No students may arrive by car AT ANY TIME in the morning unless in an approved carpool

Never drop off or pick up students in Brentwood Village or the surrounding neighborhoods. Students may NOT park in the VA parking lot.  

Transportation Options


Please contact our
Transportation Team,
or at (310) 889-2705.