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Upper School Counseling

Our academic program is shaped by an appreciation of just how much young minds are capable of understanding and achieving. Our social-emotional counseling program supports the ever-changing needs of our students as they strive to reach their goals. 

In today's complex world, social-emotional development is essential to success in the classroom and beyond. We are committed to our students' holistic growth and believe that their voices must be at the center of our efforts to maintain a healthy community. BWell, our student-driven mental health initiative, works closely with our counselors to create meaningful opportunities for all students and faculty to learn about mental health and support their wellness. Together, we encourage students to place their mental health and wellness first, to recognize their value beyond their GPA, and to develop healthy, independent coping skills that prepare them for life after Brentwood School.

Social-Emotional Counseling

Brentwood provides four social-emotional counselors who are trained in mental health and adolescent development. Our counselors are equipped to support students holistically–helping students cultivate healthy relationships while developing tools to balance the challenges of a fulfilling academic and social life.

The Counseling Team provides short-term counseling and support to students, consultation and psychoeducation to parents, and referrals to outside mental health professionals as needed. The Counselors participate in the life of the school, teaching the 9th Grade Foundations courses and supporting BWell, the student mental health advocacy group, while collaborating with other supportive adults on campus such as Class Deans, Advisors, and Learning Specialists.

BWell - Mental Health Advocacy

BWell is a student-driven initiative designed to provide awareness to student mental, physical, and spiritual health. Brentwood students have busy schedules, and we believe that academic, artistic, and athletic achievements should not come at the expense of student’s happiness and well-being. In the Brentwood community, wellness is about finding balance and having the tools to accomplish great things while maintaining happiness and good health. BWell offers the resources for Brentwood students to support a positive campus culture, while cultivating a leadership environment for students who are passionate about mental health awareness.

Counseling Department Mission Statement

Our mission as counselors is to empower and teach all students to be self-sufficient, resilient and empathetic, all while supporting them in their quest to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.  In doing so we will  increase students’ likelihood of personal success. 

Our K-12 Counseling Team