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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brentwood School’s 2019-20 tuition?

K-5: $37,275
6-12: $44,058


What charges are not included in the price of tuition?

Tuition does not include a variety of incidental goods and services that may be provided to students including (but not limited to): Grades K–5: Uniforms, overnight trips (Grades 4-5), bus service, and lunch program. Grades 6-12: Books, bus service, school trips, retreats, bookstore items, lunch program, and athletic trips.

Does financial assistance cover other school expenses?

Yes. Financial assistance is provided for approved school expenses such as books, retreat fees, lunch program, and transportation. Your covered expenses will be calculated based on your financial assistance award percentage. For additional information regarding expenses covered by financial assistance, please contact Erika Murillo, Financial Assistance Coordinator, at (310) 889-2639 or

What are the ways that families can afford a Brentwood School education?

• Ten-Payment plan
• Need-based financial assistance
• Low interest third-party loans
• Support from grandparents and other family members

What sort of financial assistance is available?

Each year, Brentwood School offers need-based financial assistance to make its educational experience accessible to qualified students. For information regarding financial assistance, please review this “Affording BWS” section or contact Erika Murillo, Financial Assistance Coordinator, at (310) 889-2639 or

Who can apply for financial assistance?

Students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade are eligible for financial assistance.

Does Brentwood School give merit-based scholarships?

No. In keeping with the National Association of Independent Schools principles of good practice, Brentwood School offers only need-based financial assistance. The school’s financial assistance program is designed to supplement family resources to allow the enrollment of qualified students who would not have been able to do so without the school's support.

Are athletic scholarships available?

No. Brentwood School does not offer athletic scholarships.

Must I repay this award?

No. A financial assistance award is a grant, not a loan.

Are decisions regarding admission and financial assistance related?

No. The admission and financial assistance processes are administered in separate offices; therefore, all admission decisions are made without regard for financial need.

Is my financial assistance information confidential?

Yes. All submitted financial assistance information is confidential; only members of the Financial Assistance Committee have access.

How does the school determine financial need?

The School’s Financial Assistance Committee is comprised of six members from various departments throughout school. The Committee considers numerous factors in determining need, such as the Parents’ Financial Statement, income tax returns, W-2’s, K-1’s, business tax returns, and short-term extenuating circumstances.

How much financial assistance may I expect to receive?

Financial circumstances vary and every situation is unique. Given the many variables that affect an award decision, it is impossible to accurately predict a family's contribution based solely on family income.

Is financial assistance renewable each year?

Families must reapply each year, and as long as a family qualifies for financial assistance (as demonstrated by annual applications), the school will continue to provide financial assistance. Adjustments for tuition increases and changes in a family’s financial picture will be determined based on the family’s application.

I am not sure if our family will qualify for financial assistance. Is it worth applying?

Since many factors enter into the determination of financial assistance, it is usually best to apply. Families who question whether they would qualify for assistance should feel free to consult with the Chair of the Financial Assistance Committee or Erika Murillo, Financial Assistance Coordinator, at (310) 889-2639 or

I have a child or children in college. Does the school consider this expense in determining the financial assistance award?

Unfortunately, we are not able to take this expense into consideration when determining an award. We understand that college tuition can be expensive and we strongly encourage families to take advantage of the various financial assistance programs that are available for post-secondary education.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

Go to the “Apply for Financial Assistance” tab on the Affording BWS page or click here.

What is the deadline for application?

January 6, 2020

What do I do if my family can't afford the FAST fee?

Please contact Erika Murillo, Financial Assistance Coordinator, at (310) 889-2639 or to determine whether you qualify for a fee waiver.

What if parents are divorced or separated?

In the case of a divorce or separation, the school requires both parents to complete all applicable information for both FAST and the school. The award process cannot be completed without full information from both parents.

I already have a full-pay child at the school but do not have the resources to pay for a younger sibling. What do I do?

Complete the Financial Assistance process for the younger sibling.

What if I have children at other tuition-charging schools?

All information regarding children in other tuition-charging schools should be included on the online application and will be taken into consideration when determining a financial assistance award.

When would I be notified of my award?

New applicants for admission will be notified with your acceptance notification. Returning students will be notified by the end of March.

What if I have additional questions about tuition or financial assistance?

Contact Erika Murillo, Financial Assistance Coordinator, at (310) 889-2639 or

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Erika Murillo

Erika Murillo

Staff Accountant; Financial Assistance Coordinator