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Financial Support Guidelines

Brentwood School adheres to the following guidelines, which are designed to promote the most equitable and consistent allocation of available funds. 

Family Responsibility

The primary responsibility for financing a student’s independent school education rests with his/her family.

Non-Working Parent/Guardian

The school expects both parents/guardians to contribute to tuition. If a parent/guardian makes the decision not to work, the school imputes an annual income for a non-working parent/guardian after the youngest child in the family reaches Kindergarten age. The imputed income will be based on the perceived earning potential of the non-working parent/guardian.

Divorce or Separation

In the case of a divorce or separation, the school requires each parent/guardian to file an application and submit all related materials. The school is not bound by any divorce agreement specifying a parent’s/guardian’s responsibility for educational expenses. It would be unfair for the school to subsidize a child’s education if one of the parents/guardians is capable, but unwilling, to contribute to their child’s tuition.


The financial and other applicable information of a step-parent should be included on the application of the applicable parent/guardian.

Consideration of Assets and Expenses

In addition to income, the school takes the following into account when calculating a family’s ability to pay Brentwood School tuition:

  • Home equity
  • Family trusts
  • Student’s assets
  • Liquid assets
  • Other assets
  • Tuition for children in other K-12 schools
  • Payments to pensions and retirement plans
  • Discretionary spending

Families who are denied financial support, or who receive an award which they question, may make their concerns known in writing to the Chair of the Financial Support Committee, within two weeks of receipt of the award. The Financial Support Committee will review the appeal and the Chair of the Financial Support Committee will inform the family of their decision. If necessary, the family may be invited to or request a meeting to better explain the situation.