1st Graders Make Water in the Desert
1st Graders Make Water in the Desert

by David Smith, Lower School Science Teacher

First Grade students kicked off the year in science by making solar stills in the garden. In their homerooms, 1st Grade students are learning about the desert, studying the climate, the land, and how various animals and plants have adapted to dry environments.

To make their solar stills, 1st graders dug a hole to fit a plastic bucket. They filled the bucket with grass and leaves and covered it with plastic. The sun does the rest of the work!

By the next week, our results were mixed. Students discovered that if they had only placed a little bit of grass in their stills, they got very little water in return.

"It was fun. We gathered leaves and dirt and spread it around and then got to see how much water we made." Asher P.

"It was like a team sport. We worked as a group to build our stills. There's always a friend to help. We collected all of the water into one container and got to see how Ms. Taylor cleaned (filtered) it. Tate. S.