News from El Nido: Hispanic Heritage Month
News from El Nido: Hispanic Heritage Month

by Cecilia Victor, Parent and El Nido Representative

What a busy month it has been! On Friday, October 19, seven volunteers from El Nido got together at the South Quad to set up our Día De Los Muertos altar. It has become a beautiful tradition at the school, and it seems to get brighter and more colorful each year. Check out a gallery of photos from the month's events here.

We love to see everyone's amazement as students, teachers, staff, and visiting parents walk by. All the colors bring big smiles to their faces. We discuss the general design, go through last year's decorations, and get to work. We work, bond, laugh, talk, and share our different traditions. Afterwards, we drove to the Lower School and we did it all over again. Plus the Middle School also made their own Día de los Muertos altar on the Pool Patio.

On Tuesday, October 30, LSA had its annual Taco Lunch served with horchata, tamarindo water, and Mexican candies. We had 12 El Nido parents, LSA officers, and Brentwood staff selling and serving lunch. Additionally, a Cuban performer name "La Palabra" entertained the students, gave Salsa lessons in the gym, and were delighted when Upper School jazz teacher Mike Cottone joined in with his amazing trumpet. Students played bongos and lined up to do the conga. Outside, the Middle Schoolers beat a piñata. The excitement was palpable!!

The Lower School took Hispanic Heritage celebrations to another level. Tamarindo, jamaica, and horchata were served on Fridays and there was a Cuban salsa dance party in the gym. Also, the first tamale tasting event was held, where parent volunteers brought tamales from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Chile to illustrate the similarities and differences between Latin American countries. On yet another day, two parent guest speakers talked about how Día de los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico and Guatemala. The kids were riveted. On the last day, a Brazilian soccer teacher came to the Lower School and taught the kids soccer, while a parent volunteer showed the kids how to make Pan de Queijo (cheese bread), a Brazilian treat.

El Nido would like to thank all the parents, students, and staff members who volunteered to help set up, and our kitchen staff who prepared beverages, as well as our El Nido liaisons in each division. It has been a magical month!