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Classroom Demo Lessons

Enjoy these demo lessons from a few of our fantastic Brentwood School teachers.

Hilda Leung, Mandarin

Maria Valdes, Spanish

Rossana Whitmore, French

World Language

Join three of our world language classes for a sneak peek into the fun and engaging way that students learn language through immersion. Explore how to describe foods as yummy or not yummy in Mandarin, label a skeleton using parts of the body in Spanish, and practice the French pronunciation of many words that are shared with the English language.

Aidyl Gonzalez, Science


Learn about the adhesion and cohesion properties of water molecules with Dr. Gonzalez and answer the question, "why is water so important for life?"

Bryce Brady, English


Explore identity, assumptions, and dominant narratives through Mr. Brady's compare/contrast essay lesson featuring Faith Ringgold's story quilt and lyrics from hip-hop artists, The Carters.

Drew Park, History


Participate in a total physical response activity with Mr. Park that explains four different government systems. Evaluate which are most efficient, how decision making is distributed, and how nations might be attracted to various forms of government through different points of history.

Billy Kaplan, Math


Is it really true that 0.999 repeating equals 1? Watch how Mr. Kaplan demonstrates the mathematical proof behind this remarkable assertion.

Mike Cottone, Music

Performing Arts

Enjoy this improvisation of the "Happy Birthday" song with Jazz Band and Music Theory teacher Mike Cottone, and deconstruct how to separate melody, baseline, and harmony to craft something original and creative.

Richard Masland, Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership


Practice the basics of the ideation process with Fabrication and Design teacher Mr. Masland to address the real world challenge of maximizing the virtual learning experience.