Welcome Back from Mr. V

If I could, I would call each of you personally to say hi, see how you are, hear about your journey, both personally and professionally, since you graduated, and give you an update of what is happening in my life and at your alma mater.

But given that our alumni now number 3843, I must rely on messages like this. I just hope that I am still able to convey my warm greetings and my pride in both you and your alma mater.

During my many years in this role, I have come to more fully appreciate: 1) the long-term impact that a Brentwood School education has had on so many of you. Who you are today, your love of learning which was nurtured by very special, talented and caring teachers, and what you have accomplished, both personally and professionally, are clear reflections of your experience here; and 2) that although Brentwood School may be a vastly different place than it was when you attended (a sentiment I hear quite often at alumni events and reunions), you are still very much a part of who we are as a close-knit school community because of the legacy you left as both an individual and as a member of your class. And your decision to remain connected to the school, in whatever manner you choose, and to many former classmates and teachers is greatly valued and proves true the adage, Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

Please do keep in touch with me, with Emily Manning Ellis ’94, our Director of Alumni Relations, and with those teachers, coaches, staff members and administrators who played a significant role in your life during your years at the school. Hearing from you means a great deal to all of us. And, when you can, plan to visit the campus and to attend an alumni event. Go Eagles!

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Alumni Relations Department

Dave Velasquez

Dave Velasquez

Director of Alumni and Parent of Alumni Engagement
Emily Ellis

Emily Ellis

Director of Alumni Relations
Josh Melnick

Josh Melnick

Assistant to Alumni Relations and the Annual Fund

Alumni News

Alumni Connect East to West

by Emily Ellis '94, Director of Alumni Relations

The Alumni Office reunited with nearly 200 alumni over the past two weeks. On Saturday, April 13, Dr. Mike joined Dave Velasquez, Director of Alumni and Parent of Alumni Engagement and Emily Ellis '94, Director of Alumni Relations, at their annual New York Area Alumni Event, while over 80 alumni gathered on a beautiful rooftop on the city's very first day of spring weather. Hosted by alum Jill Borut Foley '96 and her husband John Foley at their NY home, the event was a huge success. View pictures from the event...

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Alumni Events

5-Year Alumni Class Reunion
Emeritus Farewell Celebration: Nicole Bali, Lynn Gelfand, and Jan Perlo
Head of School Home
10-Year, 20-Year, & 30-Year Alumni Class Reunions
EC North & South Quads / Temple Hall Lobby
All Alumni Family BBQ
East Campus Upper Field