Crayon Club on the West Campus
Crayon Club on the West Campus

by Tara Kay Haroutunian, Assistant Director of Admissions, Lower School

It is with great pleasure that I am able to continue Brentwood School's tradition of Crayon Club this year. Crayon Club was created as an opportunity for parents/guardians and their children to share their unique family story, heritage, and traditions with our Lower School community. Students are given the opportunity to celebrate what makes their families special. This year we took a trip to Japan with the Behr family, learned about the Levine family's Beauty Bus Foundation, and traced the Spanos family's roots to ancient Greece!

First grader, Ivy Behr and her father, Matthew Behr, shared experiences from their one month trip to Japan. Ivy and Matthew presented pictures and videos of the differences between United States and Japan including unique architecture, dining etiquette, Ivy's immersion into a Japanese summer school, and the customs and beliefs that make Japan a country steeped in tradition.

Third grader, Alexis Levine and her mother, Wendy Levine, presented their Beauty Bus Foundation and its goal of "bringing beauty home" and "providing beauty services to enhance quality of life to seriously ill individuals and their caregivers." Since 2009, Beauty Bus has touched the lives of 12,000 clients offering over 16,000 free beauty services. Wendy and Alexis led a discussion with their student audience about communicating and interacting with individuals who have physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities. Our lower school students were engaged and actively participating in this dialogue.

First grader, Ethan Spanos and his father, George Spanos, dove into the rich history of ancient Greece, the birthplace of democracy. George discussed his experiences growing up in Greece, and Ethan shared his present-day connections to his father's ethnicity. The Spanoses spoke of Greece's historical landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon, as well as Greek traditions including weddings, baptisms, and Easter celebrations. They concluded their presentation with upbeat traditional Greek music and dancing, which our students participated in joyously!

Crayon Club embraces all the diverse traits and experiences that makes each and every one of us unique individuals. We thank all of our families who have helped and supported us. If you are interested in volunteering in this culture to culture exchange or would just like to chat and exchange ideas about future events, please feel free to reach out to me at

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