The First Affinity Bash in the North Quad
The First Affinity Bash in the North Quad

by Trina Moore-Southall, Director of Equity and Inclusion

The Student Diversity Council is comprised of student leaders from each affinity group. They decided to host an Affinity Bash this year for the very first time. Brentwood's affinity groups and identity clubs were set up in the North Quad during lunch on September 5 to share with other students about their groups.

A member of Girl Impact shared: "I think the Affinity Bash went pretty well. We got to talk to lots of different people, meet some new members, and even got some boys to sign up. That was really cool since I'm a part of Girl Impact. I liked this event because it was specifically affinity group focused. It was fun to be around everyone and just have fun at the booths. I loved working with Rose and Ms. Bishop behind the scenes!"

A leader from LSA shared: "This is such an important event to have during our year. It unified all our affinity groups in a new way we really wanted to see happen. Our hope was to make it comfortable, a lunch of good music, great company, and of course, a picnic of all different foods! You could hear on the student-picked Spotify playlist what a blend we all made. It was great seeing people sign up for so many of the affinities. I think this event really emphasizes all the groups' commitment to inclusivity. We not only allow, but invite and encourage the overlaps. I love that we kicked off the year welcoming new faces into all these communities."

The LSA definitely came to feed students! We were fully stocked with three hundred churros, lots of mini Duvalin pudding, and dulce de leche cookies from Argentina. It's amazing to have a team that's so supportive of each other and everyone is excited to see the bash become tradition.

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