Upper School Coffeehouse: Talent, Compassion, Support, Joy, and Community
Upper School Coffeehouse: Talent, Compassion, Support, Joy, and Community

What is Coffeehouse? Pretty much exactly what you would think—an open mic night atmosphere in a dimly-lit room, an audience sipping hot beverages, lounging around on bean bags, and lots of different kinds of acts, from music to poetry to comedy, and even magic tricks. What you might not expect unless you've actually experienced one is "the collective embrace," and the "interminably supportive" atmosphere that permeates the event. As some of our seniors describe below, it is a simple but sincere expression of our core value of Community, and one they hope will always be part of the Brentwood experience...read more and check out these images.

"Somehow, someway, Coffeehouse never seems to disappoint. Something about our community coming together to support each other makes Coffeehouse so special." —Ethan S. '18

"Coffeehouse is one of the best things about Brentwood. It brings our community together to support each other without fail. We pack together in the SLC and never mind the tight space because the bean bags and twinkly lights remind everyone of the special Friday nights when they get to listen to musical performances, poetry, and even the occasional magic trick. Coffeehouse is a Brentwood tradition that I hope never changes!" —Sam H. '18

"Coffeehouse is one of those events that we should be proud of as a school for it gives an opportunity, every once in awhile, to 'dance, clap hands, exalt, shout, skip' (in the words of Walt Whitman). But seriously, it is a collective embrace of a lot of good things that we have to offer—talent, compassion, support, joy, and community. What better way to spend a Friday night?" —Nick C. '18

"I love Coffeehouse because it brings together a lot of our Upper School to cheer on and support really awesome music, which the students come up with themselves. The environment of Coffeehouse is really awesome and MC'ing it this past time was really special." —Donovan W. '18

"Coffeehouse provides a special space on campus for students to express themselves freely with the support of the entire community behind them. The intimate atmosphere of students nestled into the SLC is open, accepting, and interminably supportive." —Steven K. '18

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