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Photo by Will B. '25

Upper School Visual Arts

The mission of the Visual Arts department is to guide students through the creative process while teaching visual language within personal, contemporary, historical, cultural, political, and social contexts. We emphasize projects and discussions that invite a greater understanding of equity and equality, current events, and the importance of diversity. Courses encourage students to develop concepts, practice skills, problem-solve, and eventually reach an impressive degree of mastery. A variety of hands-on approaches teach students how to identify and apply the elements of art and the principles of design. In each discipline, students express their artistic vision using contemporary practices, while working in observational, abstract, realistic, functional, and imaginative ways.

Advanced art students submit to various art competitions at the local, regional, and national levels, where their work is showcased. Projects are also displayed throughout campus in our gallery spaces.

All classes follow the University of California VPF (“f”) subject requirement guidelines that hold students to a high standard of learning about the creative process.