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Bicycles by 2nd grader Sara M.

Lower School Visual Arts

The Lower School art program strengthens our students' visual perception while nurturing the development of creative self-expression. Students focus on process, learning how to control the elements of design, such as line, shape, form, texture, color, and space, as they express themselves visually. Students take pride in their work and develop self-confidence in their ability to express themselves. Art projects integrate thematically with the grade level curriculum allowing students to deepen their learning in new ways.

Exploring Art and Empathy

Exploring Art and Empathy: A 5th Grade Collaboration
by Edy Levin, Lower School Art

This was no ordinary 5th grade art class. Jackson '31 had four minutes to build a six-piece Lego formation while hidden from his partner, Avery '31. After spending one minute exploring the formation with her eyes closed, Avery tried to recreate the Lego structure — something she had felt but never seen.  

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