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Projects and Courses

BCIL projects and courses align with the mission to prepare community members to engage with real world challenges and explore solutions within and beyond the classroom.

They also include instruction, assessments, and self-reflection on the BCIL Core Leadership Skills. Students are offered opportunities to choose their own academic path and to create connections with related stakeholders. Teachers and students receive support from the BCIL through collaborative meetings, classroom assistance, peer-to-peer feedback, professional development, creative scheduling, and additional resources.

BCIL Designated Courses

  • Advocacy, Activism and Social Justice: Seeking the American Dream
  • Applied Psychology
  • Applied Science
  • Biological Engineering
  • Child Psychology
  • Consumer Science: Maximizing Resources From a Global Perspective
  • Documentary Filmmaking for Social Change
  • Engineering and Design
  • Entrepreneurship I
  • Entrepreneurship II
  • Global Climate Change: Science, Society, and Solutions
  • Innovative Design and Architecture
  • Introduction to Aerospace and Drone Technology
  • Introduction to the Technology, Economics, and Philosophy of Bitcoin
  • LAtinx – An Exploration of Identity in Los Angeles
  • Marine Biology: Marine Ecosystems & Human Impacts on the Ocean
  • Science of Well-Being
  • Sustainable Graphic Design