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Bootstrap Workshop

Teach Your Students to Program, Mathematically Bootstrap teaches students to program their own video games in an algebraic programming language, exposing them to key concepts aligned to National and State Math Standards. Middle- and high-school teachers across the country have implemented the curriculum as part of a regular math class, or as a math or CS elective. Bootstrap reaches more than 15 thousand students each year, and has been recognized by the White House, the National Science Foundation,, Google, Facebook, and many others.

Cost: $450

Visit the Bootstrap website to learn more.

Date: June 19-21
Time: 8am-3pm
Location: Brentwood School (East Campus, 100 S. Barrington Place....)

For more information contact:

Emmanuel Schanzer
Bootstrap Program Director

Rachel Clouser
Director of Summer Programs
Brentwood School

Quotes from Past Participants

"I came into this workshop knowing absolutely nothing about coding and Bootstrap helped demystify it for me. I can proudly say, "I code my own video games" now. As the head of my math department it has made me more conversant in the science and able to have more meaningful discussions with the CS staff at my school.”

"This workshop gives an opportunity to learn and see in students' perspective. The facilitators have done a great job modeling what a good teacher should do to guide students rather than spoon feeding them. Pedagogies such as circle of evaluation and design recipes are great tools to use in algebra class without going into programming.”

"The presenters had a thorough overview of the cognitive and social challenges that an Algebra teacher faces. What's different from other PDs I've seen is that other presenters see the cognitive challenges, but have no solutions to offer."

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