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Brentwood & The Social Institute 

We are excited to announce that Brentwood has partnered with The Social Institute. By locking arms with the Social Institute, we will equip students with the skills they need to navigate their social worlds, online and offline, empower student voice, and strengthen school culture.

Through a positive, student-centered approach, The Social Institute provides a gamified, online learning platform that empowers students to navigate their well-being, social media, and tech in ways that will fuel their health, happiness, and future success. Their work has been applauded by Melinda Gates and featured by Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

Follow The Social Institute on social media (@thesocialinst) where they post about student trends, social media, and student well-being to offer fun and informative content for students, educators, and families. You can also explore their website, where they share blogs, parent resources, and insights into student experiences.
Let’s do this!

How Your Family Can Participate:

  • Continue the conversation at home: As students experience #WinAtSocial each month, Family Huddle questions may be emailed to you by the school as a supplement to a lesson. These are completely optional to run as a family! 
  • Register your free account for the Parent Toolkit! Many families refer to this as the CliffsNotes of social media and technology! Go to the Toolkit, click Activate Account, and enter our school code. To receive Brentwood's school code, please email

Click here for more information on how The Social Institute supports families. 

First page of the PDF file: 7SocialStandardsPoster-TheSocialInstitute

Contact our Educational Technology Team

For general questions related to support, contact the Help Desk at (310) 889-2734 or ext 1234, option 1 or email us directly at

Scott Perloff

Scott Perloff

Director of Educational Technology, K-12
Bob Kahn

Bob Kahn

Educational Technology Specialist, Middle School
Megan Alkema

Megan Alkema

Administrative Assistant, Educational Technology