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Our goal is to reach 100% giving because the vibrant and inspiring Brentwood School experience that we value is dependent upon more than tuition dollars alone.The dedication of our school community through volunteerism and philanthropy helps to sustain the Brentwood School that we all love. We count on each and every family in our community to help us shape a future with meaning at Brentwood School by supporting the “three buckets” of philanthropy.

An Education in Philanthropy

Where and when to give beyond tuition?

Brentwood Fund

Annual giving is the school’s top philanthropic priority because its proceeds fund almost 10% of the current year’s operating budget. Every student benefits immediately from the generosity of your annual fund contribution. We appreciate personally meaningful and generous gifts from our families each year.

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Parents Association

The PA shapes our community by supporting programs and events to deepen your connection to the school. The PA offers extensive volunteer opportunities for everyone in the community. Whether you have just an hour of time to spare or are able to commit to a year-long position, the PA would love your help!

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Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign is an exciting part of our 30-year Education Master Plan. Opportunities to support the future of the school are particularly meaningful. A capital pledge is the metaphorical “cherry on top” because it is given in addition to your Annual Giving contribution and completes your investment in the exceptional learning environment and educational experience that is Brentwood School

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Everything you will grow to love about this community is made possible through our families' willing engagement in the life of the school through their generous contributions of time, resources, and open communication. We hope you will join us.


As an independent, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization, we depend on the partnership of everyone in our community to help provide the vital components that allow us to effectively deliver our mission to our students—excellent academic, athletic, and artistic programs, dedicated and intellectually curious teachers, appropriate facilities, and a diverse and interesting peer group.

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