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Parent Involvement

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Brentwood School is more than a location where students learn, it is a community of families who all grow in character together.Parent involvement is essential to our vibrant school experience. As a school, we see ourselves as partners with parents/guardians in educating young minds. Ours is a community of actively involved families, whether serving as admissions tour guides, participating in affinity groups, volunteering in the classroom, and more.

Volunteer Voices

When my son came to Brentwood, it was a new experience for the both of us, but I was pleasantly surprised when all of the parent volunteers I worked with were here for the same reasons I was. I learned that it doesn't matter what socio-economic situation you come from or what ethnicity you are at Brentwood; the people you meet volunteering are all parents who love their children and who want to be involved in their education. Volunteering is not only rewarding—it makes you feel like you belong.

El Nido Founding Member, PA Executive Board Member, Phonathon/Thankathon volunteer, pancake flipper, and Eagle Wear seller