Kindergarten - Third Grade

The Kindergarten through 3rd Grade science program is integrated into various thematic units throughout the year. Students visit the science room once a week, and classes are planned to provide students opportunities to enrich their other studies through special science lessons, such as planting and tending to their very own garden, investigating desert flora and fauna, exploring plate tectonics and the creation of landforms, researching ocean life, and exploring flight.

Fourth - Fifth Grade

Students in 4th and 5th Grade attend science classes twice a week to participate in a program that provides a hands-on, discovery approach to learning science. The main objective of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to investigate and experience each of the three branches of science: earth, physical, and life sciences.

Students are taught the scientific process and perform labs individually and with partners. Topics of study are integrated with other elements of the curriculum, demonstrating to students that science is a part of their everyday living and learning experiences. Independent thinking, questioning, and innovative problem solving are encouraged. Creative expression and design are incorporated into the curriculum and students are encouraged to participate in the school’s annual “Invention Convention.”

Technology is also an integral part of the K-5 science curriculum.