Second Grade

Language Arts and Reading

In 2nd Grade, the students continue their journey toward the goal of becoming autonomous learners. They read an assortment of works independently for information and pleasure and begin to record their reflections on nightly pleasure reading in a journal. The students demonstrate further growth in the development of their vocabulary and comprehension skills along with improved fluency, oral expression, and listening skills. In addition, students participate in activities that further develop their thinking skills and creative expression. The children work in small groups, reading theme-related books selected for their instructional level. They begin the transition from learning to read into reading to learn, as they all share in the reading of a chapter book. Phonics instruction broadens as students learn to decode larger, unfamiliar words using the previously taught rules and strategies. The study of weekly spelling lists continues, and the students are accountable for the first two hundred high frequency words. During the year the students grow in their ability to proofread and edit their own work and the work of others. Paragraph development, grammar, and punctuation lessons are incorporated into a variety of writing activities that teach students to communicate using different styles and genres. Transitional spelling becomes limited in use, and students are expected to demonstrate penmanship proficiency by printing legibly. Midway through the year students are introduced to cursive writing.


Small group instruction, hands-on activities and games, mathematical thinking, problem solving, and basic skill development all continue throughout 2nd Grade as the students learn to discover and comprehend new math concepts and skills. The math program at this level includes the study of numeration, computation (with regrouping), operations and relations, math vocabulary, geometry, fractions, time, money, graphing, patterning, measuring, and problem solving, including challenging problems that may call for more than one operation. Students work to increase their speed and accuracy in computation and are introduced to the concepts of multiplication and division.

Social Studies and Science

Our past, present, and future set the stage for the 2nd Grade program as the students immerse themselves in the study of three exciting units: Wild, Wild West; Patriotism and Our Heroes; and Space. Exploring the challenges faced by the early pioneers; learning about our nation's traditions, laws, and customs; and discovering the new frontier of space provide the children with an exciting program. There is also a brief foray into the world of the Gingerbread Boy as the children read various gingerbread stories and then write their own original version based on this classic story. Science instruction remains integrated with the core program whenever possible, with Second Grade students participating in weekly science classes.