Thank You's from Our Service Learning Team for a Tremendous Season of Giving
Thank You's from Our Service Learning Team for a Tremendous Season of Giving

The Season of Giving last December was a huge success across both campuses as families generously supported the various efforts in each division to help those in need during the holidays. Each Director of Service Learning reports on the outcomes...

—by Betsy Hall, Middle School

Our Adopt-A-Family program offered opportunities to further support One Voice and Para Los Ninos families. The 7th Grade adopted thirteen One Voice families and continued our long-standing relationship with an agency that feeds and supports local families in need during the holiday season and beyond. For the second year, the 8th Grade adopted thirteen Para Los Niños families, which was a blessing beyond words. Continuing this new relationship provided the Class of 2021 with additional ways to give back to families in need. Each 7th and 8th Grade advisory group dedicated time, effort, and resources to see that local families would know that they were loved. Our students embraced the notion; it is better to give than to receive. It is hard to convey in writing the buzz that fills the gym as students, parent volunteers, and faculty wrap and prepare their gifts. Trust me, the desire to love and care for others was thriving during our Time of Giving. So much so that we need to get bigger delivery trucks. And a special Thank You to all the parent volunteers who worked at the events and for donating gifts and supplies.

—by Lisa Glick, Lower School

Excitement grew throughout the week as the toy pile outside the main office grew. By the second week of the collection, the hallway was packed with toys and students gathered throughout the day to examine and marvel at new additions to the growing pile. The 6th Grade helped make this effort fun for everyone. On any given day, 6th graders could be found at morning carpool holding Toy Drive signs and making announcements at flag. Not only did they remind their peers about the importance of helping other children in need, but they also created a sense of fun and joy that permeated the campus. They even created a cheer about toys to the tune of one of the songs they learned for their winter music performance! Students of all ages helped count and sort toys and 6th graders even helped bag toys and load various vehicles for delivery. We collected over 800 NEW toys which were donated to MEND, One Voice, VA, and Baby2Baby. The Drive ended with laughter and cheers when Mr. McInerney appeared at flag dressed as Santa Claus and Coach Chow visited every classroom dressed in a chicken costume dancing the chicken dance! Thank you to all of the Lower School families who generously helped us remind our students about the true meaning of the holiday "giving" season.

—by James Hughes, Upper School

We delivered over 100 gift bags to needy families at the Westwood Transitional Village, the VA Haven, and other veteran-support organizations. Advisory groups again supported Project New Hope by filling the wish lists of over 25 kids for the holidays, while the Student Service Clubs supported the children at the Westwood Transitional Village by delivering gifts for another 20 children. It was truly a season of giving in the Upper School, thanks to the generous support and dedication of our Upper School students and their families. Many thanks!

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