The 3rd Grade Bagel Sale Supports International Causes
The 3rd Grade Bagel Sale Supports International Causes

by Aubrey G. '26

The 3rd Grade Bagel Sale took place from January 23-27, 2017. We raised money for charities around the world. The bagels were $2 each but only $20 for a dozen. The memories from this thrilling experience will last us for a lifetime. Everyday was action packed and very busy. This adventure had proud "grown-up" moments, and the refreshing smiles on people's faces made the cold air warmer.

Everyday, about ten kids would come with six adults helping. Half of the group would go upstairs under the umbrella tree, and the other half would be downstairs in the middle of the stairs. Students would work being cashier, taking orders, getting bagels for the customers, or schmearing cream cheese (inside Bagel Sale joke). Some kids, who weren't assigned for that particular day held signs and chanted cheers to the customers. It started at 7:30 a.m. and ended at flag a.k.a 8:15 a.m. The rush was from 8:00- 8:15 a.m.

We served egg, plain, cinnamon raisin, and, on Friday, chocolate chip bagels, all available with cream cheese. We bought the bagels at Noah's Bagels. Sometimes, we would change our order to fit our customers' preferences. The parents only helped with serving to cars and setting up.

It was exhilarating and it made us feel like adults. The fact that we were helping charities motivated us when the work got difficult. All of the 3rd graders knew we were helping people around the world. It made our hearts so much bigger. It was an unbelievable week and we are grateful to every single person who bought a bagel. Whether you bought one bagel or one hundred bagels it made our fundraiser that much better. Our profit, after paying the school back for the cost of the bagels, is $2,165. We figured out the math and this gives each 3rd grader $50 to donate between the following international charities: World Food Program, Charity Water, International Rescue Mission, and Room to Read.

At Brentwood, our service learning program teaches us about people in need everywhere. Every year we do a couple of projects or field trips where we help different people in our community. Our other service learning project in Third Grade is with the Bessie Pregerson pre-school where we have pre-school "buddies" we see throughout the year. The Bagel Sale was the most fun and interactive service learning projects of the year, and we had a great time doing it!

On behalf of the entire 6th Grade, we would like thank the faculty, staff, and students for supporting our bake sale. Each year, Brentwood 6th graders choose a service learning project. We chose to have a bake sale called Eagle Eatery as a component of this project. The profits made from this bake sale go towards four different non-profits: Hope in a Suitcase, Angel City Games, PATH, and Determined to Succeed. As a result of hard work and effort, we raised $1,400, which will allow us to donate $350 to each charity. Working at the East Campus for the Sports Spectacular was a great opportunity to spread awareness. The Eagle Eatery sold baked goods at tables in and outside the gym, and we carried baskets of treats around the campus. Each and every person's contribution helped us reach our goal of supporting the four charities. Thank you for making this possible.


Sienna N., Mene W., Remi B., and Alana K., 6th graders

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