The Middle School Advisory program allows students to develop connections with faculty members who are available to support students throughout their Middle School experience. The 7th Grade theme of Equity, Inclusivity, and Diversity is woven into all aspects of the program. This theme is integral in fostering community and supporting students through their transition to middle school. The 8th Grade theme, Leadership: Start Strong, End Well, enhances the innate leadership skills of our thirteen and fourteen year old students. Taking responsibility and caring for our community is a vital aspect of the 8th Grade Advisory program.

The faculty advisor is responsible for assisting students to integrate into the Brentwood School community both academically and socially. The advisor monitors his/her students’ academic success and helps students to obtain academic support when necessary.

Students meet in Advisory twice per week. Meeting times are devoted to a life skills program that encourages age appropriate conversations concerning issues that are important to young adolescents. Students explore topics that include organization, study skills, substance abuse, coping with peer pressure, ethical decision making, and self-advocacy. Brentwood's core values, Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring, Community, and Diversity, are discussed throughout the year and are the foundation for our character education curriculum. The conversations take place in a safe, supportive environment moderated by the faculty advisor.

The “Exploratory Period” is an opportunity for students to explore and develop new interests. Middle School students self-elect a new exploratory each semester, or find a faculty member to help create or sponsor a new one. Current and past exploratories include: Art, Japanese, Anime, Drawing, Card and Board Games, Croquet, Gym Activities, Kickball, Minecraft, Piano Forum, Reading Club, Soccer,The World of Sports, and Build an Underwater Robot.
The Human Development courses are designed to provide an environment in which Middle Division students can openly learn, reflect upon, and discuss ideas pertinent to their development as human beings. While Brentwood School students are optimally geared for successful academic achievement, there is a need to allow for their personal and emotional development outside of what are considered core academic classes. The courses give students opportunities to reflect on common dilemmas adolescents experience in their daily lives. Students identify and integrate personal values into their decision-making and develop a sense of responsibility about actions, thoughts, and feelings. Overall, the courses aim to increase student knowledge of important personal, social, and health issues in order to enable them to make better and healthier choices. The Human Development courses allow students to focus, in intimate groups, on many aspects of individual and family life education including, but not limited to, making healthy choices, self respect, peer pressure, drug and alcohol awareness, puberty and adolescence, body image, human reproduction, dating, teen pregnancy and sexual abuse, in an attempt to supply students with accurate information in order to form a positive regard for themselves and their sexual development.
Each fall the 6th, 7th and 8th Grade classes venture off-campus for a three-day retreat. This tradition has proven to be an enriching experience for the class year after year. Students participate in a specially-designed program that provides your child with a unique opportunity to connect with his/her classmates through team-building and trust exercises and to experience individual growth through outdoor, educational activities.

Special assemblies are scheduled often as a means to highlight special programs, groups, or individuals at our school or to expose our students to outside speakers or performing art groups. See below for a list of past Brentwood School Special Assemblies:

  • Veteran's Day
  • "Day of the Dead" sponsored by the Latino Students Association
  • Sudanese "Lost Boy" Speaks of Poverty, Civil War, and Human Potential
  • Author of "Kaffir Boy" Speaks About Living Under Apartheid
  • Maria Shriver Headlines "Power of One" Assemblies
  • Daughter of "Inherit the Wind" Playwright Speaks to 8th Graders
  • Jesse Billauer, Local Surfer and Paraplegic, Visits Brentwood
  • Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk Raises Tsunami Victims Plight Awareness
  • Integrated Studies and "To Kill a Mockingbird" Dress Rehearsal
  • Halloween Parade and Costume Contest!
  • "Is Television Good for America?" Assembly with Orville Schell, Dean of Journalism at UC Berkeley
  • "Get Lit" spoken word poetry
And we have fun, too! There are two Middle School socials for students which may include dances, karaoke, and games. These are great events to meet new friends, build community, and provide middle school students with age appropriate and healthy activities that they can participate in together.

Middle School Student Leadership Team provides leadership opportunities for interested 6th through 8th Grade students. Members represent Middle School students and promote Brentwood’s core values: Trust, Respect, Responsibility Honesty, Caring, Community, and Diversity.

Student Leadership Team members respond to student issues and create student activities that promote enthusiasm and school spirit, while building a community where each member and their constituents are valued and respected. Student Leadership Team members work with students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators to make things happen in a timely manner.


  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Take on leadership opportunities
  • Have strategies for problem solving
  • Improve peer relationships
  • Express and develop a shared vision
  • Enjoy the process

Requirements of Candidacy and Positions:
Candidates and Leaders must…

  1. Demonstrate good citizenship and follow Brentwood’s core values.
  2. Maintain good academic standing, which is defined as a grade of C or higher in every class and no “unsatisfactory” citizenship grades.
  3. Be involved in council activities: consistently attend meetings, meet deadlines, plan and coordinate activities that can occur during or after school. Elected members of The Council are expected to make attendance at all meetings and events a priority.