"Into the Woods, Jr." Takes the Stage
"Into the Woods, Jr." Takes the Stage

by Bob Kundrat, MS Drama Teacher

On May 12–14 the Middle School presented "Into the Woods, Jr." This version of the original musical by Stephen Sondheim takes classic fairy tale characters and boils them down to the one thing they all have in common: a wish. To get their wish, the characters enter the woods, where they encounter wolves, witches, and curses.

Like the characters in the play, our whole cast and crew had to go through a lot of "woods" in order to get our wish of putting on a good show. We had to learn the challenging rhythms of Sondheim, create characters, memorize our lines, and adapt to the huge Upper School stage. Perhaps the biggest test came on our opening, when the thirty-plus students acting, playing music, and working behind the scenes performed in front of the entire Middle School. It's not easy to perform in front of peers, and as I watched actors singing in harmony, I realized that our show was a success not just because of the students' hard work, but because of the joy and support the entire cast and crew had for each other. In the end, I'm happy to report we all got our wish: our peers laughed, parents' hearts welled with pride, and, most importantly, we all got to do the thing we loved in front of our friends and family.

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