Lots of Heartfelt Fun on the West Campus
Lots of Heartfelt Fun on the West Campus

There was a rosy red glow at the Lower School this week thanks to a series of traditional events that warmed everyone's hearts on some cold winter days—100th Day, Valentine's Day, and Kindergarten Parents Day. While the exchange of Valentines is always a hit (even with the candy restriction!) and the 100th Day brought a crowd of "elderly" children, there were other special moments throughout the grades. Here are some reflections:

"In Kindergarten, 'Zero the Hero' visited the classrooms to celebrate the 100th Day of School on February 13. Students did 100 exercises and practiced counting by 10s to 100. The kids were certain they recognized Zero, but we assured them that he flew in to Brentwood especially to celebrate this special day with us. Then on Valentine's Day, parents and guardians came to campus for Parent's Day where the kids sang songs about love and promised that "even if we go somewhere new, we will always come back to you!" which was obviously a tear-jerker. We also shared a special slideshow of all of the memories we have created so far in Kindergarten. At the end of the day, students exchanged Valentines and met with their 6th Grade Buddies to exchange cards and hugs." —Samantha Loy, Kindergarten Teacher

"First graders had 100th Day fun making hats, getting 100 signatures on T-shirts, and making fruit loop necklaces. They employed some math skills by sorting and graphing Valentine's conversation hearts!" —Krissy Loo, 1st Grade Teacher

"Fourth graders visited the Jewish Home to celebrate Valentine's Day with their buddies. They performed songs, made paper flowers and cards, and brightened the lives of some very grateful elderly friends!" —Tiffanie Gilder, 4th Grade Teacher

"The 5th Grade 'Master Chef, Baking Edition' was a huge success. Teams competed against each other with homemade cakes, sprinkles, candy, and TONS of frosting, testing their creative cake decorating skills to battle it out for Ms. Teager's vote in a variety of categories—Best Use of Materials, Most Creative, Most Beautiful, and Most Valentine's Day Themed. Students took time to brainstorm as teams, exchanging ideas and working together as they considered the creative possibilities (while trying hard not to nibble on the candy decorations)! Students were given 15 minutes to decorate and, after the judging, got to enjoy the cake that they made." —Betsy Sandler, 5th Grade Teacher

"A few 6th Grade girls really got into the spirit of the 100th Day of School. They said they were feeling very nostalgic: 'We went all out because it is our last one!'" —Gina Rocca, 6th Grade Teacher (see photo above)

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