Middle School Dance Show: All About Love
Middle School Dance Show: All About Love

by Nora Francis, Middle School Dance Teacher

The theme of this year's show was love—love that binds friends and families together, and unifies everyone despite our differences. We took a journey to the land of the dead to visit our loved ones in a celebration of Día de los Muertos, which provided a vibrant visual landscape in which to display the work of our young dancers, some of whom had never danced before this semester, along with others who have been dancing most of their lives.

I strived to capture the feeling of relationships throughout the show, and encouraged our talented dancers to create their own choreography for a couple of the dances. Something I learned from the experience...put masks on the most shy dancers and watch as they come out of their self-conscious shells to surprise themselves (and their parents!) with an exuberance for movement and self-expression. It was magical!

Enjoy a gallery of images from the show...

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