Top Ten Lists to Guide You Through the College Process
Top Ten Lists to Guide You Through the College Process

by Jean Rutherford Wall, Interim Director of College Counseling

Brentwood's seniors are in the midst of their college admission process, while juniors will soon be gearing up to begin theirs. In the spirit of top ten lists, Middlebury College has created a few lists of their own to provide wise counsel to students and parents as they begin their college journey together. As this may be one of the last rites of passage before students leave their homes, it is especially important to make it one that is positive.

The first list is the Top Ten Ways to Enjoy the College Process. With thoughtful advice directed towards students, the focus is on the importance of approaching the college search process in a thoughtful way that includes communicating with parents to being mindful of the number of applications to knowing that in the end they will have many choices.

The second list, The Top Ten Things for Parents to Remember emphasizes the need for parents and students to approach this process jointly, while also allowing students to take the driver's seat in preparation for the independence they will experience in college. Therefore, this list provides parents with sound advice on how to step back and allow your child to make the decisions.

All of these tips are a great way to begin thinking about how families may want to structure their college search process so that it is a time of bonding, joy and discovery. To see the lists, go to:

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