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Learn More & How to Get Involved

Current Brentwood School students, faculty and staff, parents and families, and alumni are invited to participate in several elements of this initiative:

Inclusive Excellence Learning and Accountability Community Forums: From December 2020 through November 2021, the research team and Brentwood School leaders hosted quarterly, 90-minute online events that served as dedicated spaces for sharing and receiving updates and for ongoing community engagement related to this initiative. Brentwood School parents, guardians, alumni, and board members were encouraged to attend all such events to remain current on the program’s progress and to learn about new opportunities for participation.

Dialogue and Community-Building Sessions: Over the course of the initiative, the external research team will host a series of online dialogue and community-building sessions for current Brentwood School students, faculty and staff, parent affinity groups, and alumni. Any and all Brentwood School students, faculty and staff, parents and guardians, and alumni interested in sharing more about their lived experiences at the school are invited to attend at least one of these sessions. Visit the registration page

Project Office Hours: Beginning in January 2021, Brentwood School faculty, staff, parents, guardians, and alumni are encouraged to leverage the expertise of the external research team by way of the initiative’s office hours element. Participants can sign up for one-on-one or small-group meetings with a member of the external research team during specified office hours to: (1) Learn more about the initiative or share confidential feedback directly with a member of the external research team; (2) Ask questions and gain real-time feedback and advice on DEI-related items that arise in the classroom; and (3) Receive expert coaching from a DEI professional and educator. Sign up

The Open-Ended Culture Survey is a simple online survey that creates an opportunity for Brentwood School students, faculty, staff, parents, guardians, and alumni to offer confidential feedback about their perception of the Brentwood School social climate and any incidents of discrimination or bias they have experienced, directly to the external team leading this initiative. The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. All eligible participants will receive an email with a link to the survey.

For more information, please reach out to:

The Brentwood School Office of Equity and Inclusion:

Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation research team: