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Affinity Groups

A group of kids throw powdered pigment into the air for the Holi Celebration

A robust roster of parent/guardian and student affinity groups, managed by the Office of Equity and Inclusion, facilitates discussion and allyship while ensuring that all voices are heard.

Affinity groups, typically representing the historically oppressed, aim to enhance awareness, create cohesion, and help promote a positive sense of self among those who share an identity and their allies. At Brentwood, families are finding affinity within their own groups and within the broader community of affinity groups.

Affinity groups invite speakers, hold workshops and meetings, and sponsor multiple events throughout the year, celebrating Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and holidays including Día de los Muertos, Diwali, Hanukkah, Hispanic Heritage Month, Holi, Lunar New Year, Nowruz, and Sukkot. Festivities include the African American Read-In, GayLA Dance, Pride Project Family and Friends Party, Soul Food Lunch, and senior celebrations for our Asian, Black, Latino, and Pride families. To kick off the year, the groups collaborate to welcome the entire community to the All-Family Celebration of Diversity.

Affinity groups at school were thriving, but Allie R. ’24 and Graydon B. ’24 wanted a space where all students committed to equity and justice work could come together and support the institution's DEI efforts. With support from the Office of Equity and Inclusion, they formed Brentwood’s Student Diversity Council.

Crayon Club

The Lower School celebrates its beautiful array of cultures through the weekly Crayon Club. Families have taught holiday songs, shared traditional foods, displayed family photos, and introduced phrases in languages of their heritage. Onlookers learn while they taste, sing, and experience—gaining understanding of both their classmates and the world.

“There is a misconception that affinity spaces are divisive. At Brentwood, the groups often collaborate on initiatives and stand up to show solidarity for one another in times of pain or need."

Carley Dryden, Director of Equity and Inclusion

Groups on Campus


Armenian Student Alliance
Asian Student Alliance
Black Student Alliance
Girl Impact
Indian Subcontinent Student Alliance
Jewish Student Alliance
Latinx Student Alliance
Middle Eastern Student Alliance
Multiracial Student Alliance
Pride Project (LGBTQ+)
Neurodiverse Student Alliance
Non-Traditional Families Alliance


Asian Family Association
Black Family Association
Jewish Family Association
Latino Family Association (El Nido)
Parent Alliance of Students of African Descent (PASA), West Campus
Pride Project Family Association
Single Parents and Guardians
South Asian Family Association

DEI Alliance

The DEI Alliance welcomes all K-12 parents and guardians, regardless of heritage or identity, who wish to explore identity and support diversity, equity, and inclusion as we strive to be an anti-racist institution. While the DEI Alliance is not technically an affinity group, it builds affinity and understanding.