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Grandparent Engagement

As a Brentwood School Grandparent, you hold a special place in our hearts.

Throughout the year, we invite you to attend our favorite annual events like Grandparents and Special Friends Days, the Grandparent Social, and education evenings with our Head of School Dr. Mike. We are also eager for your input through our Grandparent Council and Grandparent Committee to develop new programming that can best support the Brentwood experience for all of your grandchildren.

Lower School Grandparents and Special Friends Days

Every spring, the West Campus opens its doors to friends of Brentwood School for a fun-filled week of performances and classroom activities. 

After a lovely breakfast reception, grandparents and special friends enjoy a taste of the daily life of our Lower School students.

As we expand our grandparent program this year, we have established a Grandparent Committee. This program
provides grandparents with the ability to deepen their connection with the community through volunteerism and fundraising efforts. We hope all of you will stay connected to your grandchildren’s journey at Brentwood School. For more information, please contact Josh Melnick, Advancement Coordinator, at