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Grandparent Engagement

As a Brentwood School Grandparent, you hold a special place in our hearts.

Throughout the year, we invite you to attend our favorite annual events like Grandparents and Special Friends Days, the Grandparent Social, and education evenings with our Head of School Dr. Mike. We are also eager for your input through our Grandparent Council and Grandparent Committee to develop new programming that can best support the Brentwood experience for all of your grandchildren.

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As we expand our grandparent program this yearwe are establishing a new Grandparent Committee. This program will provide grandparents with the ability to deepen their connection with the community through volunteerism and fundraising efforts. We hope all of you will stay connected to your grandchildren’s journey at Brentwood School. Visit the Grandparent Committee page to learn more and sign up.

Lower School Grandparents and Special Friends Days

Every spring, the West Campus opens its doors to friends of Brentwood School for a fun-filled week of performances and classroom activities. 

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2018-2019 School Year Updates

Thank you to our grandparents for being an integral part of the Brentwood School community! The 2018-2019 school year brought many exciting opportunities for grandparents to deepen their connection to the school.

At our Grandparent Education Evening in the Fall, Dr. Mike painted a picture of a day in the life of Brentwood School students by sharing examples of student projects at each division level. Our grandparents learned about the power of words partnership program between Upper School and Lower School students, a discussion about privilege with our Middle School and the Director of Equity and Inclusivity, the incredible exchange program with students who visited from Seoul, South Korea, which taught our students about emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity, along with much more.

During our Grandparent Council Luncheons, we shared in an interactive presentation about the new Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership led by Dr. Josh Berger, the Director of BCIL, and heard student stories about the Leadership opportunities Brentwood provides beginning in the Lower School.

At the Grandparent Social, our hosts opened their home to over 50 Brentwood School grandparents for an evening of musical entertainment, conversation, and delight.

The 2018-2019 school year provided wonderful and engaging opportunities for our Grandparent Community. We hope all of you stay engaged and involved again this school year!


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