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Student Life

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With so many paths to explore, each Brentwood School student is recognized as a person of many parts. Their experience is at the center of all we do.

Student life is fostered through the significant moments where we all come together—like Opening Ceremony or the All-Family Celebration of Diversity—as well as in the smaller moments when students and teachers connect over unique interests. Through our after school activities, lower schoolers share their love for interests like Harry Pottery or Lego Robotics. Middle and Upper School students form clubs around political ideas, business, creative interests, non-profit work, and Veteran engagement. We have division wide jam sessions, silly assembly presentations, and an epic grade level competition called September Splash.

Spirited events, like cheering our friends at Homecoming or the K-12 musical, are balanced with more meaningful times of reflection. And all of this community building forms a foundation for students to explore boldly in the classroom, forging the kinds of life-long friendships that draw alumni back to campus year after year.