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Middle School (6-8)

Our Middle School teachers push the status quo to continually evolve their classwork.

Rejecting what is most convenient, our teachers work hard to select material that is relevant to Brentwood students. We want them to constantly consider the practical implications of their learning. Because we believe in a complete education, we make space during the school day for courses like music and debate to round out our student's experience. 

All the while, the true life blood of our Middle School community is in the engagement between teachers and students. Trust comes not only from the depth of these relationships but also through soliciting student perspectives for decisions like our block scheduling and affinity events. We come together in large community moments to celebrate. We meet in small groups to discuss our Core Values and social-emotional issues. And when students struggle, the faculty gather to strategize about how to rally around them.

Welcome from the Middle School Team

In Middle School, we believe that children should be seen and loved for who they are in the moment. Today is only a small step on the road to who they will become. Challenging and encouraging students to reach beyond their comfort zone and try new things is only possible because of the trusting relationships our faculty establishes with each individual. By focusing on the learning process rather than the outcome, students acquire the skills for self-evaluation along their educational journey and become uniquely responsible for their own learning.


Courses Offered

To explore our full scope and sequence and sort by subject area, view the 6-12 Course Catalogue

Our Middle School Administrative Team

For general inquiries, please contact (310) 889-2650.
Nicole Arndt

Nicole Arndt

Director, Middle School
Brandon Guidry

Brandon Guidry

Assistant Director, Middle School
Lee Herzog

Lee Herzog

Counselor/Psychologist & Human Development, Middle School
Teri Goldman

Teri Goldman

Learning Specialist, Middle School