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"Brentwood has always been incredibly supportive of my creative endeavors both during and after attending...I found the art department at Brentwood to be a continuously challenging and exciting outlet for my creative development. It never plateaued, but only got better and better each year."

Chris Roth '98


Our arts program gives students the opportunity to explore boldly through a variety of media.

Students at Brentwood School are inspired to pursue personal and intellectual growth through exploration, critical analysis, and disciplined practice in their art. Mentored by faculty who are artists and performers themselves, all students at Brentwood will enroll in arts classes, whether at a cursory level to compliment their other interests and pursuits or more broadly and deeply to align with their career goals. In any case, the shared experience of creative expression instills life-long appreciation for the arts and a commitment to the creative process which nurtures intellect and imagination in other fields.