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Visual and Media Arts

Whether in dedicated gallery space on our East Campus, mounted in the library, or displayed throughout the school, student artwork colors our campus with vibrance.Our visual and media arts courses expose students to an impressive range of creative expression. From drawing and painting to filmmaking and stained glass, Brentwood students explore new ideas in many ways—through the time-tested techniques of ceramics as well as new technologies like 3D printing. Art education extends beyond the classroom in collaborations with other disciples and through guest speakers that make concepts and imagery come alive for our school community.

As practicing artists, our faculty models artistic mastery and excellence. Each teacher provides a supportive atmosphere where students feel safe to confront the uncertain process of individual decision-making and creative challenge. Through the journey of creating art, students will not only evolve into accomplished young artists, but will also gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the ever-changing world in which we live.

Visual and Media Arts Programming

Middle School Courses

Upper School Courses