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Challenge of the Month

Professionals from a variety of industries pose monthly challenges to Brentwood School 7th-12th graders, often in collaboration with our Speaker Series. 

Students work individually and collaboratively on their proposals and submit their ideas for review. The company or non-profit organization selects a winner, who often goes on to enjoy a special experience or opportunity related to the work they have done.

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“Winning the first BCIL Challenge of the Month was incredibly exciting for all of us. It was really interesting to collaborate on solving the challenge related to electric charging infrastructure in densely populated areas and then to tour the Tesla factory in Fremont, where we met the Head of Automotive. He had reviewed our proposal, and it was the perfect way to celebrate our hard work. We were able to see the inner workings of how Tesla manufactures and designs their cars in an efficient and productive way. The tour was fascinating and inspired all four of us to continue to work hard towards our goals in related tech fields.”

Past Challenges