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Through competitions, workshops, and courses, BCIL provides K-12 support for students exploring their entrepreneurial ideas.

The on-campus incubator also serves as a resource center connecting students to experts in their entrepreneurial or civic-minded areas of interest. Our students share two of the highlights from last year:


“The social entrepreneurship Impactathon at UCLA was a very unique experience that both of us were lucky to be a part of. It not only gave us an insight into creating a business, but also a deeper understanding for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We joined a team that had a prototype for a more efficient whole house fan that was one-tenth the cost of a regular cooling system. This allowed for a wider sector of our population to reduce their carbon footprint and help save our planet from climate change. It was exciting that our team won $1,000 for best addressing one of the sustainable development goals.”
—Emma M. ’20 and Zach H. ’20

Read more about the Impactathon

Middle School Entrepreneurship Pitch Challenge

“The Pitch Challenge was a great opportunity to work innovatively with my classmates to create a solution to real world problems addressed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. My group worked really well together and had a great time brainstorming solutions to the problems that we believed were the most critical in the world today. We turned our diverse ideas into a product pitch that could capture carbon emissions and turn them into natural energy sources that power vehicles and homes, enhancing air quality around the world.” —Riya A. ’23

Summer at Brentwood Entrepreneurship Course