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Colleges Acceptances 2023

American University of Paris
Amherst College                          
Arizona State University                                                                     
University of Arizona                                                              
Babson College                                   
Bard College  
Barnard College                          
Bates College                          
Baylor University                                
Benedictine College                            
Berklee College of Music                                
Boston College                                    
Brown University                                
Butler University                                 
California College of the Arts                          
California Lutheran University                                    
California State Polytechnic University                                  
California State University                                          
University of California-Berkeley
University of California-Los Angeles
University of California-Santa Barbara                                 
Case Western Reserve University                              
Chapman University                           
College of Charleston
Cornell University                         
University of Chicago                          
Clark Atlanta University                                  
Colgate University                              
University of Colorado                                                            
Colorado College                                                                    
Colorado State University                               
University of Connecticut                                                       
University of Denver                           
DePaul University                               
Dillard University                                
Drew University                                  
Drexel University                                                                    
Duke University
Durham University                                   
Elon University                                    
Emerson College                                 
Fisk University                         
Fordham University                                        
Franklin University Switzerland                                  
Georgetown University                                  
University of Georgia                          
Harvard University                              
High Point University                          
University of Illinois                            
Indiana University                                                       
Iowa State University                         
University of Iowa                               
Jackson State University                                 
Johns Hopkins University
Kings College London                                 
Lewis & Clark College                                                             
Louisiana State University                              
Loyola Marymount University                                    
Loyola University Chicago                              
Loyola University Maryland                            
Macalester College                             
University of Maryland                                   
Massachusetts College of Art and Design                              
University of Massachusetts                          
McDaniel College                                
McGill University                                
Miami University, Oxford                               
University of Miami                            
Michigan State University                              
University of Michigan                                                                        
University of Minnesota                     
The University of Montana                             
Morgan State University
Morehouse College
University of Nebraska           
University of New Hampshire            
University of New Haven                                
New York University                           
New York University (NYU Shanghai)                         
New York University               
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill                                                                     
Northeastern University                                 
Oregon State University                                 
Pace University                                   
Pennsylvania State University                        
Pennsylvania College of Technology                          
University of Pennsylvania                             
Pepperdine University                                    
University of Pittsburgh                      
Reed College                           
University of Rhode Island  
Rice University
University of Richmond                      
Rutgers University                              
San Diego State University                                                                 
Santa Clara University                        
Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)                              
School of the Art Institute of Chicago                        
Seton Hall University                          
University of Southern California                                                       
Southern Methodist University                                                          
Spelman College                                 
Stanford University                             
Syracuse University                
Temple University                               
Texas A & M University                                  
Texas Christian University                              
University of Texas at Austin                                                  
George Washington University                      
The New School                                  
Ohio State University                                                  
Towson University                              
Tufts University                                   
Tulane University of Louisiana                                   
University of Oregon                                                  
University of St Andrews                                
University of Utah
Vanderbilt University
University of Vermont                        
Villanova University                            
University of Virginia                                      
Washington State University                          
Washington University in St Louis                              
Wesleyan University                           
Willamette University                         
Williams College                                 
University of Wisconsin
Yale University