College Counseling Around the World: My Visit to NYU Abu Dhabi
College Counseling Around the World: My Visit to NYU Abu Dhabi

by Erin Day, Associate Director of College Counseling

New York University has 14 campuses across the globe and I was fortunate enough to be invited to their campus in Abu Dhabi for a weekend with over 30 college counselors and higher education professionals. Our visit was arranged to coincide with their student candidate weekend. Every candidate who is being considered for admission to NYU Abu Dhabi is invited. The students who joined us represented over 100 different countries and nationalities. It was a beautiful site to see when all of the students stood up and introduced themselves in their own languages and talked about what makes their own culture unique.

The first day the counselor's got to observe what a typical classroom lecture was like at the school. NYU Abu Dhabi can be described as a research institution with a liberal arts focus. The campus only opened in 2010, but the president of the school envisions it to be the "Caltech of the Middle East." The students who I interacted with were very diplomatic, independent, culturally aware, and had a deep global outlook, which are all very important traits to have if you plan on attending college abroad. Other highlights of our trip included dining in the desert, riding camels, visiting the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the Sheikh Zyed Mosque.

To learn more about NYU's Global Campuses please visit their website.

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